Courtnay Kingsbury

Sales Representative

Office Information

Agent Bio:

Why Am I A Real Estate Professional?
I have worked for Gardiner Realty for several years in the office, so with the support of Donna and Lincoln, I made the decision to start a career in sales. Being surrounded by successful and supportive salespeople in our office, I knew that I would love the job. I have always had a love for homes, and real estate and a passion for helping other people in my community. I knew after working in our office that it was the right career move for me.
Why Gardiner Realty?
I am in a unique position in that I started at Gardiner Realty in an administrative role, surrounded by passionate and supportive people. When I stepped into my role as a licensed salesperson, I knew that Gardiner was the right fit for me because of their family values, and community support. It is important to me that the company I work for to be involved in the community in a positive way through actions and causes. Gardiner Realty has high standards of education and continued learning opportunities which are important to me.
A little about me.
I have lived in New Brunswick for over 5 years with my husband, who is also in real estate and our 2 incredible daughters. I am a family oriented person who enjoys spending time with other people. I am passionate about equality, the environment and helping those around me. I love shopping local and can be found at the Boyce Market each weekend.  Growing up in sports, I had the pleasure of traveling throughout Canada for various events. And through my adult life, I have had the opportunity to live in some of Canada’s most beautiful cities. I look forward to meeting you and helping guide you on your search for a new home!